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Moses Oludele Idowu

Distinguished Senators/ Representatives,

I bring you greetings at this particular time.
It is with a sense of patriotic zeal, national purpose and personal responsibility that I address you this letter at this uncertain times. I am embarking on this course of action as a last resort but with great reluctance.
The reasons of my reluctance are two- fold. One, it is generally believed among a broad segment of informed and patriotic Nigerians that this present National Assembly is a rubber stamp, the worst since the beginning of this Democratic Dispensation and a mere extension of the Executive arm.
Two, it is equally believed by many that the present leaders of the Legislature are lapdogs, lackeys of the Executive arm of Government and thus, arising from these factors, it is a waste of time expecting any action, serious actions from the Legislature.
In spite of these however, I still chose to write you because Providence has placed upon you and in your special care at this time the means and the power to save this nation and her citizens from grave national perils and calamity toward which they are now irreversibly headed – barring a divine intervention. I warn you today to be swift, to act swiftly or to be prepared someday to face the bitter verdict of history at what Tacitus, that most renowned of Roman historians of antiquity calls – “the Tribunal of Posterity.”
The Ken Nnamani/ Aminu Masari- led National Assembly had a poorer public image than even your own for it was considered worse than a rubber stamp. Yet at the appropriate hour and a time of national emergency that Legislature acted sanely and swiftly and reasserted itself in an act of moral recovery, resolution and self- redemption when it boldly sided with the people by throwing away the obnoxious ‘Third Term’ bill and truncated the elongation scheme of one old man who wanted to become a Robert Mugabe of Nigeria.
Distinguished lawmakers I ask you this question, “In twenty or so years to this time what would people say or write about this current National Assembly?” Would it be said or written about you that in a time of grave national crises and perils you abandon the call of duty and slept on your watch? Or that you were so tied to the apron strings of the Executive and so beholden to it that you did not know the very purpose of your vocation, inauguration and enthronement?
History vividly shows repeatedly that the power you fail to use will be taken from you and, someday, be used against you.
A word to the wise is enough.

I now want to address you and call your attention to specific national issues which require your urgent intervention.


The very first thing I want to call your attention to in this letter is the management of the corona virus by different organs of government and the obvious and deliberate distortion, manipulation, sheer deception and scare- mongering now associated with it. I am afraid that what is often called the “Nigerian Factor” has crept into the management of this pandemic and it is now time to separate the issues from the non- issues.
I do not deny the existence of the corona virus, its sinister power to kill human lives and destroy the immune system. I am not also oblivious to the havoc this virus has caused in other lands and which it is still causing by the day. What I contest and which I protest and will continue to do so even at gun point is the deliberate mischaracterization, the sheer opaque and non- transparent manner, the tendency to national scare- mongering, the attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill, the deliberate but subtle and ingenious manner to drive a wedge between the bodies and fabric of society, destroy a nation’s economic and industrial base and practically run a nation aground albeit subtly and disingeniously, alll in the supposition of fighting a pandemic. I am worried that a nation is being locked down and most economic activities grounded to halt due to intra and inter- state movement restrictions because of a virus that is not even as lethal as Ebola and whose strain is very “mild and moderate” and that has witnessed almost 90% survival rate among those afflicted. I am curious that a political leadership, a leadership known for its tardiness and serial managerial incompetences, that has witnessed countless deaths of Nigerians through vehicular accidents due to bad roads, hunger, mass unemployment, poverty, herdsmen’s attack and terrorism, banditry, multiple suicides through maladministration and economic mismanagement; and has done little or nothing to address these is now suddenly awake and in frenzy to save the same people and to protect their lives from death from a virus. I smell a rat. Either there is something behind this or there is something we are not been told.
Today the whole nation is now on hold and Nigeria has become a big joke where the only announcement each morning is Covid – 19 tallies in each state – figures that are of such doubtful validity, questionable legitimacy and devoid of transparency and without independent assessment or investigations – figures that have even become subject of contention by other stakeholders.
Some of these cases are now being challenged by the victims themselves. It is now in the public domain that in Nigeria people are no longer dying of any disease except corona virus and even persons dying of other causes are tallied under corona virus to swell the number and, probably, be qualified for the cash transfusion from the national cover and aid agencies.
I alert you, that Covid – 19 management is now on the margin of fraud.
Here is a sample for your consideration:

* The woman who has been touted the index case in Benue has put a lie to the whole claim quoting her Passport details, date of arrival in Nigeria and even medical records to show that Benue State Government’s claims could possibly not be true. This woman spoke with clarity, conciseness and with assurance showing a woman in control of her faculties and not a victim of corona virus as the government would want to make us believe. What is playing out in Benue is not management of corona but a government in serious violations of humanitarian laws and gross human rights abuse of the most insidious kind. This is the fraud that is now going on in Nigeria in the name of Covid-19 management.

* In Gombe State one week ago, several youths staged a demonstration blocking the main roads claiming they were locked up for two weeks on the claim that they had the virus and that within this length of time they had seen no one to test or treat them, give them any drug or palliative. The poser is this: If they were never tested how was it determined that they had a virus and who made this decision? Is Gombe too engaging in this gimmick to so as to be qualified for the pie?
This is the fraud that corona is now generating in Nigeria.

* The Kogi State Commissioner for Health who chairs the Committee managing the virus in the state raised alarm that pressure has been brought on them to announce false Covid-19 cases and swell the number in the state. That the 4 cases of deaths at the Federal Medical Center in Lokoja purported to be due to Covid -19 is false because as Chairman of the Covid -19 Management Committee in the state he would have known. ( see Punch newspaper of May, 7, 2020)
* Another video is currently trending on the internet regarding Yobe State where the D.G. of NCDC is being accused regarding the management of the disease and falaehood associated with it.

* I hope you are also aware of the report of 100 “mysterious” deaths in Jigawa purportedly due to Covid – 19 which has been debunked by one of you, Senator Hadejia representing the state. She has disputed the number claiming it is 46 and the cause of deaths is malaria, heat waves and not Covid -19. ( See Punch 10/5/2020)

* In Bauchi the claim of 110 deaths in two weeks in Azare, headquarter of Katagum Local Government purported to be due to Covid – 19 has been debunked by the District Head, Usman Abdullahi who claimed that the deaths were mostly of elderly and not unusual during fasting compared to the past daily experience of the local government. ( see Vanguard newspaper 9/5/2020)

This is aside from several cases of gimmicks, lies, deliberate misinformation, subterfuges being uncovered daily abroad regarding this same virus. The most notable of this in recent time is in Tanzania where the President troubled by unsubstantiated figures being bandied about has taken the bull by the horns to unravel this gargantuan fraud.


The question then is, what is happening? What is not happening? What can be done about this to move this nation forward?

There appears to be some manipulation about this pandemic and certain things raise posers that beg for urgent answers.
I am particularly worried and concerned about –

* The tendency, increasing proclivity of Nigerian government at both State and Federal levels to deprive Nigerians their liberties and God – given freedoms, – freedom of movement, economic participation, worship, association etc., all in the guise of fighting a pandemic.

* The damaging effects of these lockdowns on the social, economic, industrial and religious life of the nation and the almost irreversible damage this will do to the prosperity, economic recovery, stability of the nation in the days to come. Contrary to asinine and foolish remarks being made by ignorant and untutored men and women about religion there is a vital side most are missing: Religion in Nigeria is an “industry” and accounts for the source of employment, economic sustenance and livelihood for millions of Nigerians both directly and indirectly. I leave you to quantify the economic damage, not to even talk of the other damages, on a protracted basis of this on the religious sector alone on the nation.

* The increasing tendency and alacrity by officials of our government to surrender national sovereignty to the so- called international community especially the agents of New World Order and global Corporatocracy under the guise of seeking the interests of Nigerians.

* The hype, relentless
noise through all organs of public information dissemination about increasing daily figures of infection that are not subject to independent verification, investigaton, transparency or validation on one hand; and, on the other hand, the continued attempt at discrediting, downplaying, deemphasising and marginalising other forms of therapeutic including local and foreign except those of WHO- approved orthodoxy, methodology and consensus especially the vaccine. A reputable indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing company has offered a solution to cure this virus and the head of this firm has even offered himself to be used as an experiment to be injected with the virus to prove the efficacy of their therapeutics; alas, our government and health officials are not interested because it is not approved by WHO. If Madagascar is using its own local solution to great effects why is Nigeria afraid of doing same? Where lies our sovereignty if our officials take orders from Washington or New York?

* The recourse to live in denial by officials that all is well and everything is being managed when in actual fact Nigeria is being led to “death by instalment” and her citizens being prepared, knowingly or unknowingly for a future that is sure to be filled with extreme pain, needless suffering and woes.

* The sudden introduction of a bill, very draconian in nature and content, that threatens to deprive Nigerians of their liberties, freedoms and dignity through a microchipped – fitted vaccines by conferring unlimited powers on unelected officials.

All these point to the question: Is there a manipulation somewhere? Is there something been planned that the rest of us do not know?


It now appears there is a predetermined agenda. There is a plot which is even now in the public domain to keep the world on lockdown until a microchopped vaccine is developed, with its dire implications. One organization whose officials have been named repeatedly in this plot is the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently headed by an African of Ethiopian descent, it is now alleged that WHO probably helped the virus to spread by hiding valuable data and spreading the misleading idea that the virus is not passed from person to person while at the same time maligning and deconstructing the use of hydroxychloroquine + zinc sulphate as an effective and affordable therapeutic. Obviously WHO is not interested in any solution other than its own vaccines involving chip- implants. This much has been confirmed by WHO officials themselves.
Dr Zeke Emanuel, advisor to WHO has said that religious services, conferences, concerts, sporting events etc., are to be banned for another 18 months “until we have a vaccine that protects everyone.” Echoing the same sentiments the Guardian of U.K in its 3rd. May edition also declared that “lockdown can’t end until Covid -19 vaccine is found.” Sure, these claims may sound altruistic and well- intentioned but the sinister undertones should not be ignored.
Is this the new orthodoxy that our government is now following? Can Nigerians survive an 18- month lockdown waiting for a WHO vaccines?

Even more worrying are actual statements credited to foreign officials showing their evil intentions for Africa. The timelines confirm this.

On 6th April 2020, 2 French doctors, Jean – Paul Mira & Camilla Locht on French television suggested Africa as the ideal place to test a vaccine. Said Mira: “It may be provocative. Should we not do this study in Africa where there are no masks, no treatment or intensive care, a little bit like it’s been done for certain AIDS studies where among prostitutes we try things, because we know that they are highly exposed and don’t protect themselves.”
To this racist comment his colleague responded: ” You are right. And by the way, we are thinking in parallel about a study in Africa using this same approach.”
Although the WHO Director General, Dr. Ghrbreyesus promptly rejected the racist undertones insisting “Africa cannot be and will not be a testing ground for any vaccine…” , this is only political correctness at work. Subsequent events show he really did not mean what he was saying. That was on 6th of April, when he said that. This view was corroborated by WHO Nigerian representative, Dr. Fiona Braka. Ten days later on 1st. May, 2020 the same WHO through her Nigerian representative, Dr. Fiona Braka contradicted her boss when she said Covid -19 vaccine trials will begin in Nigeria.
What confidence and assurance do these people have over Nigeria? Should Nigerians, in spite of all they have gone through be a testing field, guinea pigs for WHO vaccines experiment?

Meanwhile things were happening fast like well- rehearsed drama.
On 29th April the IMF gave another loan to Nigeria to the tune of $3.4b. Why do we need a loan, another loan at this time? Who will pay these loans? No government in Nigeria’s turbulent history has endangered the future of Nigerian children through frivolous loans for which there is nothing to show on ground like this Buhari administration.
Then something curious happened the same day. Just few hours later about few metres away and before the ink dried on the papers a strange bill, curious and draconian, found its way into the National Assembly sponsored by the trio of Femi Gbajabiamila, House Speaker, Pascal Obi and Tanko Sanunu. The same day, this bill was rushed through the first and second readings even when many members were yet to receive copies; and when the people were locked down at home.
Few days later another bill surfaced in the senate titled National Health Emergency Bill which was introduced by Senator Utazi without even members of senate seeing copy of the draft bill. It took the personal intervention of former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ikweremadu pointing the senate to the anomaly of introducing a bill that even members do not have.
Till now I have searched every where to even see a draft of this bill without success. This is curious.
What does all these sum up to? A curious coincidence or a well rehearsed scene in the drama bordering on national manipulation and on the margin of fraud?
Franklin Roosevelt once said that, “you cannot hold a person down without yourself going down.” George Santayana also says that “those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” History vividly affirms through numerous cases that those who lead to captivity usually also end up going into captivity.
I now go into the substance of the issues, the bill.


About two weeks ago a bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila and two members, Tanko Sanunu and Pascal Obi. The manner of its introduction, its suddenness and timing are as controversial as the bill itself. Some members protested they were never served with the bill which was rushed through the first and second reading the same day. Now this contravenes the rules of National Assembly.
I am old enough to know that when Nigerian officials or civil servants become overly interested in a scheme as to rush its process and even bypass legitimate conventions and standard operating procedures, then it is suspicious.
Reading through the Draft Bill gave me goose bumps and much cause for concern. My first question or impression is “What crime has Nigerians committed against this House as to be worthy of this kind of bill at this uncertain time?” This bill is draconian and obnoxious even worse than a military decree; its very language and provisions drip with contemptuous cynicism and totalitarian arrogance. In one single stroke it strips Nigerians of their inalienable God- given Constitutionally – granted rights and makes them vassals at the mercy of an unelected official and slaves of the Pharmaceutical – Illuminati elites, the promoters of vaccines/ chip- implants and the New World Order. If this bill should pass it would subject Nigerians to what Obafemi Awolowo, at the height of his 1963 Trials by the State, calls ” a naked, outright fascistic terrorism.” This is why this bill must be killed in its infancy, thoroughly, totally and immediately.
It is not my purpose to raise issues about the good intentions of the framers of the bill or impute motives. The road to hell is often paved with good intentions.
Neither I am also interested in the effective charge that 90% of this bill has been plagiarised from Singapore, a charge that has not been refuted till date. I would only wonder why our esteemed lawmakers with their outrageous and criminal salaries, bloated allowances and emoluments among other largesse could not afford a Research Team/ Department which would have saved them from this embarrassment and possible future prosecution for Intellectual Property Theft by the Government of Singapore. I digress.


I want to begin with history by providing some historical background to what this bill claims to correct. This bill claims to repeal the Quarantine Act of 1926. What was the background of 1926 Act? It is important we know.
The first two decades of the Twentieth century in Nigeria had been characterised with epidemics, health diaasters and plagues: yellow fever (1875 – ?) small pox, (1904- ?) meningitis, (1915 ) Influenza ( 1918-1919) and the Bubonic plague of 1924-29. Hundreds of thousands of people both black and whites died due to these epidemics and plagues, when medicine was not as developed as it is now. In both North and South. It was so virtually all over Africa then. The Influenza Epidemic of 1918/19 killed 250,000 in the South alone, about 3% of the population and similar figure in the North. It shook the colonial government to its foundation and brought it to its wits end.
Thus, when the bubonic plague struck Lagos in 1924 and continued till 1929 with its high concentration of white colonial officials it was the last straw. It was then the idea of Quarantine came. What is important here is this: that even the white officials did not toy with Quarantine except as a last resort and faced with repeated plagues in quick succession and with massive loss of lives. If foreigners serving foreign interests were reluctant to enact a legislation that takes away the fundamental rights of Nigerians and violates their dignity until they could no longer forbear, I am at a loss to know why our own lawmakers, citizens of Nigeria and handsomely paid from the public till should be eager to enact a legislation that is not only grievous in its provisions but even made the Colonial version even compassionate in comparison.
What is our crime? If white men would not willingly abridge the rights of our people why should our own representatives be willing to rush a bill that actually benefits foreign interests. It is said, that only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.



In the Part 1 of the bill under Administration Section 2 mandates the Director General to appoint “Health Officers” as he thinks fit from any statutory body or “prescribed institutions ” as he thinks fit and appoint same as Health Officers.
In other words he is the sole appointing authority and the powers to appoint is vested only in him, for a nation of 200 million people.
I am not comfortable with that.
Sub-section 2 allows the D.G of NCDC to also “delegate either all or part of the powers conferred on him by the Act ” to his solely appointed Health Officers. Soon we shall see the terrible powers given to the D.G, which are contentious enough and vexatious. But to think that even these powers, controversial enough for an unelected officer and subordinate to a Minister of Health to wield, can also be delegated to another person or group of persons should call for caution. This section not only has the power to create a monster of a public officer but even also empowers him to create other monsters in his own image. And no one can question him.
Not even the military in all the years of its lunacy over Nigeria has contemplated such a thing!.


This bill also runs in collision with standards practice and established laws especially the Constitution which is the supreme Law of the land.
Sections 4 & 8 of this bill allow the Director General to obtain information which breaches the confidentiality of medical records and information. Section. 8 allows the D.G. to require “any health care professional to obtain from his patient such information as the D.G may reasonably require and transmit such to the D.G”. How can a self – respecting medical professional obey this without violating medical ethics and the Hippocrates Oath. Sub- section 4 makes the disclosure compulsory and sets aside any restriction ” imposed by any written law, rule of law, rule of professional conduct or contract…” Thus this bill by a single provision frees the medical professionals from the rules and ethics binding his profession and guiding his colleagues world wide and made him to be free of all obligations. Isn’t this a prelude or roadway to the Third Reich, Nazi Germany of the 1933-45?
Then this bill violates specific provisions of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the land which thus makes it illegal, ultra vires, null and void.
Section 15 gives the power to the D.G. the “power of destruction or disposal of structure” or property. Or even to confiscate a property for the purpose of isolation area [ 13.1]
Now this is in conflict with Section 44 of the Constitution which confers the right of private ownership of property and that property cannot be taken from owner without fair compensation.
Section 19 of this bill deals with “Prohibition or restriction of meetings, gatherings and public entertainments,” which also contradicts the Constitutional provisions of freedom of worship, association and assembly. Just think of a Director General abridging the rights of an entire city or even state on the mere suspicion that an epidemics may occur even when it hasn’t occurred.
It also violates the rights of movement of whole masses of people because of an opinion of a Health Officer that may at the end be wrong.

This bill also confers on the Director General or his agents unlimited powers – powers to quarantine, isolate, confiscate property, restrict movement, forbid association, impose punitive fines, arrest without warrant, order compulsory vaccinations etc., and for all these he is immune from any query or prosecution for his actions. So even if his opinion or judgment or actions turn out to be wrong and lead to the suffering, damage and even death of a citizen or entire mass of population he cannot be questioned; neither him nor his agents. Why should an unelected official, an appointee of a Minister who will most likely be a member of a political party be entrusted with such power over his countrymen and women?
In a nation where public officers are given to impunity and often guilty of it, is this not an invitation to abuse and gross violations of people’s rights? Even without this piece of legislation we know the problem and how many Nigerians have been killed through police extra judicial killings and human rights abuses. With this bill we make a bad case worse and compound the usual contempt of uniforned men for “bloody civilians.”
The aspect of compulsory vaccinations is particularly troubling and vexatious. I will take this separately.
Based on all these I am opposed to this bill and reject it with all my heart. Whatever violates the rights of Nigerians and seeks to make them slaves in their own country is opposed by me.


The most obnoxious, vexatious and outrageous portion of this bill however, is the portion requiring compulsory vaccinations on Nigerians. Both Part III, Section 30 and Part IV, Section 47 deal with Compulsory Vaccinations. This is where the danger is, great danger. Not just because of the vaccine but because of what is coming with it – chip implants, which is capable of altering permanently and irreversibly the human genetic constitution.
Vaccines are used to prime the immune system against future attacks from viral and bacterial pathogens by generating antibodies against them. Although they may have their uses they are not often effective and change seasonally especially for viruses like corona that mutates often. For instance in two months 3 strains of corona have been discovered so how many vaccines would be needed in two years without creating human dependency on drugs?
Vaccines come with side effects and damages which may be irreversible and irremediable. Medical literature is full of havoc and damages to human lives done through administering of vaccines.
Vaccines can also be uses as an instrument of race or biological warfare. You may wish to read the following: [ “Smallpox Vaccine Triggered AIDs ‘Virus’ by Peace Wright, London Times, May 11, 1987 p.1 ; The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer – Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine and the Millions of Americans Exposed by Debbie Bookchin, Jim Schumacher, St. Martins Press, 2002; Emerging Viruses: AIDS and EBOLA: Nature, Accident or Intentional? by Dr. Len Horowitz’s ; WHO Murdered Africa: The Man- Made Origin of AIDS by William Campbell Morgan, among others]
Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine who worked on developing the vaccines for Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) which caused the 2003 SAR’S outbreak in China and other countries admitted that, during animal testing of the vaccines, some “vaccinated animals developed a more severe disease when exposed to the virus.” [See www. news- news] Apart from only 10% effectiveness and damages to human lives there is also the conflict of financial interest involved in vaccine production rather than benefits to human lives.
However, these are not the trouble, the real dangers with this WHO vaccines that are coming is its configuration. Rather than bringing a weakened form of whole germ to create antibody as normal vaccines the present one being created for corona will bring a genetic code (RNA) capable of reprogramming human cell and altering human genetic code. Says Arinze Ekwem, Nigerian – born Pharmacist based in Manchester, “What is coming is not vaccine but a genetic malpractice…. It raises the issue of tampering with the genetic infrastructure of the human race.” With “insertion or injection of genetic material directly into human cells” in the name of vaccinations, alteration of gene and human genome, the stage is set for the creation and making of microchipped population or robots controlled from Washington or New York by the Beast or agents of New World Order. With this in place the Big Brother and the Orwellian state so beautifully described by George Orwell in his novel, 1984 is now finally here.
With this vaccine and its chip- implants a person’s movement can be tracked from satellite anywhere on the planet. Microchip can also be used to control thought, emotion and thus regulate behavior. Thought patterns can be transmitted through the chips that the victim thinks are his own. A CIA scientist who has worked extensively along this line warns:
“Once people were chipped the computer could make them docile or aggressive, sexually aroused or sexually supressed and even close down their minds to the level of zombies.” Once the chips are taken you become a machine automation that can be controlled by another. Then he adds this: ” Resist the chips at all cost.”
This is what our own overpaid but underworked legislators are, knowingly or unknowingly, bringing our way through these vaccines – which have not even been used before on any human. To say the least, It is treachery against the people, nay treason, high treason against the people of Nigeria.
That is why this bill must be killed immediately. I agree with Femi Falana that organizing Public Hearing is even a waste of public funds. The proper thing is to kill the damn thing straight away. Nigerians reject slavery and Nigerians will not be slaves or machines either of WHO or Bill Gates or Obama or any of their local minions in their own country as long as I live and as God lives. It is the enslavers and their children who will become slaves. Mark my words.


History vividly shows that a nation and even civilisations can die just as a human beings can die. Of the 26 ancient civilisations studied by Arnold Toynbee, professor of Ancient History, only 11 survive and if these less than 5 are in vital and vigorous existence. What happened to others? They died.
Will Nigeria survive, go over or go under as one of these? The way this nation is being governed ( or is it misgoverned?) today raises doubts, reasonable doubts even in the hearts of genuine patriots.
I ask you: Is this the end of the beginning or, is it the beginning of the end? Or is this the end itself? The days ahead will show.
It is now 5 weeks today that inter – state lockdown has been imposed and movement restrictions which have led to rising costs of foodstuff among the people. Some states are still partially locked or under the threat of lockdown, 5 weeks into the raining season thus preventing farmers from going to farm to work. Why, does it require rocket science or even super intelligence, to see that Nigerians are being lured into a future “famine of biblical proportions” beginning from next year? Is this part of the plan and the agenda to create a food crisis and an artificial famine and wanton suffering so that the people, faced with hunger and having no choice will accept the vaccines with microchip – implants?
Nigerians are being led, willy nilly into an avoidable economic tragedy and disaster by the very people they elected over them. Every official, actors and actress, “celebrities”, know- nothings are coming on television to plead with the people to stay at home without a single person having the gut and sense to ask what the people will eat if they permanently stayed at home in a nation where 75% are already locked down by poverty.
What happens to the industries, manufacturers, SME’s who are already operating against great odds to survive even in the best of times without any help or support from government? Will these also close down and throw away their employees to the already saturated unemployment market? Who will pay their loans, wages of their staff, raw materials schedule etc?
Has anyone undertaken a study of the damages to both human lives and properties and the corporate existence of this nation that would ensue if the economy fails?
There seems to be a plot to destroy the economy and sustenance of this nation in order to be able to use it as a tool by the globalists in their New World Order and proposed One World Government. All over the world there is an attack both subtle and overt against national sovereignty in favour of a sinister global agenda. The wise are fighting it to retain and defend their sovereignty and maintain their Independence but the foolish leaders are taking orders from their global masters leading their people to their doom, – gradually, slowly but surely and steadfastly.
Nigeria is now on the march, but not a march to progress but to chaos, hardship, suffering and desolation through the choices we are making today. This will continue until when by an act of moral courage and resolution we recover ourselves as a people and rediscover our sense of national identity and prophetic destiny as a nation. I am in doubt whether this can happen under this present crop of leadership in Nigeria.
Nonetheless it is your duty to act and save this nation fast from needless disaster which will become noticeable from next year.
I urge you to use your good offices to save this nation from the drift to which she is now headed. Let it not be written of you that you slept on your watch.
It’s been a long letter, I thank you for your patience.

I am,

Distinguished Senators and Representatives,

Your Compatriot,

Moses Oludele Idowu
08034697670 (WhatsApp no)

Moses Oludele Idowu is a researcher and writer, author of more than 25 best- selling books and more than 100 articles in newspapers, books, social media and learned journals. He is read and followed by fans, scholars from across different nations of the world. He is presently based in Ibadan / Lagos.
Some of his well- read articles in the social media in recent time include: “A Herbalist’s Sermon to Pastors; Against Secession: Memo to Yoruba Leaders
; Beware of Unintended Consequences ( Letter to 36 Governors ), among several others.

N.B. Ensure that this letter get to your Senators and Representatives and you have done your part.

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